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Ankai Bus Announced Its Core Goals for 2024

2024-04-11    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:On April 9, 2024, the 2024 Ankai Bus Supply Chain Partners Conference, themed "Joint Development, Winning the Fut

On April 9, 2024, the 2024 Ankai Bus Supply Chain Partners Conference, themed "Joint Development, Winning the Future Together," was held in Hefei. More than 120 suppliers from the industry converged in the "City of Great Lakes" to jointly discuss the future development trends of the bus industry, aiming to create a competitive bus industry supply chain ecosystem, collaborate to improve quality, efficiency, and reduce costs, and enhance market competitiveness.

2024 marks the 60th anniversary of JAC Group and the 58th anniversary of the establishment of Ankai Bus. Facing the accelerated transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry and the construction of a new supply chain ecosystem, JAC Group and Ankai Bus firmly adhere to independent development, continuously expand open cooperation, resolutely transform to the field of new energy vehicles, seize historical opportunities, and work with various supplier partners to strengthen confidence, jointly seek development.

In 2023, Ankai Bus seized market opportunities, adhered to improving quality and efficiency, focused on increasing revenue and profits, faced challenges, dared to fight, and achieved a good situation of year-on-year growth in sales and revenue. The vitality of the enterprise has been further enhanced, and the resilience of development has continued to emerge.

Huang Liping, Chairman, and General Manager of Ankai Bus, stated in the conference's keynote report that in 2024, Ankai Bus will continue to focus on the core goals of improving quality and expanding production, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, reversing the situation, and accelerating transformation and development. It will promote new product research and development and technological innovation, fully enhance product quality and performance, achieve dual efforts in domestic and international markets, and look forward to seizing development opportunities, broadening the depth and breadth of cooperation with supplier partners, collaborating closely, advancing together, and sharing wins.

At the scene, relevant leaders of JAC Group and Ankai Bus respectively made comprehensive work reports on topics such as technological research and development, quality management, supply chain management, and the situation of the bus industry. They summarized the past, deployed the present, and won the future, fully demonstrating Ankai Bus's core values of "customer-oriented operation, quality-based, and truth-seeking and pragmatism."


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