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ZF A132
ZF A132


ZF axles are designed and developed for city bus and coach with high-efficiency, safety, environmentally-friendliness, comfort and light-weight.

Technical Parameter


1) Hypoid single reduction drive and fine grinding technique ensure stable running and lowered noise
2) Light-weight design reduces unsprung weight, improving riding comfort
3) Multiple ratios optional, can meet different application requests
4) Integrated hub bearing design greatly reduces maintenance cost
5) Unique refined design of differential structure & size makes transmission shaft longer, so that transmission angle is effectively minimized and noise is lowered to largest extent

Market Application

ZF axle market application status

City bus axle application
At the time being, ZF low-floor axles, which account for 95% market share in the global low-floor city bus market, have a high reputation worldwide. In Europe, key bus manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania and Volvo are ZF low-floor axle customers. Nowadays, more and more Chinese OEs are exporting their buses to overseas market with ZF low floor axles for city bus and coach.

Chinese bus OEM
ZF axles have achieved volume supply for over 20 bus OEs, including Yutong, Kinglong, Higer, Golden Dragon, Ankai, Zhongtong, Sunwin and etc.

Overseas market

Now ZF axles exported by Chinese bus OEs are running in the following countries and regions:
■ Asia Pacific:Taiwan, Tailand, Hongkong, Singapore, Macao, Kazakstan, Newzealand, Australia...
■ Europe: Macedonia,Cyprus, UK, Finland, Hungary, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Spain, Iceland, France...
■ Middle East: Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain...
■ South and North America: USA, Cuba, Canada, Columbia, Chile, Costarica, Trinidad and Tobago...
■ Africa: Morocco, Senegal...

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