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ZF Ecolife
ZF Ecolife


Ecolife-ZF Powershift Transmission for City Bus and Coach

ZF new Powershift Transmission for city bus and coach, with longer service life, stronger input torque, more smooth shift, lower fuel consumption, perfect for Euro IV engines.

Technical Parameter


1) Intelligent shifting program TopoDyn Life:topography & driving habits-depedent, continuously variable shifting moments, ensuring the best power performance with the lowest fuel consumption
2) Primary hydraulic retarder: more effective in city bus operation, extends lifecycle of braking system, keeps strong and smooth braking performance of the vehicle
3) Dual cooling system: improves cooling performance of transmission, strengthens retarder functioning and extends oil change interval
4) Standard oil exchange interval up to 3 years/180,000 km: greatly save operation and maintenance cost
5) Longer service life
6) Fault self-diagnosis system: equipts fleets with primary fault diagnosis ability, reduces operation interruption
7) Refined 6-speed ratios, consistent with multi-speed technical development trend of transmission; reduces fuel consumption compared with 3-speed transmission

Market Application

■ Engine Match
EcoLife can match with most mainstream engines:
? ●Diesel engine
? ●Alternative fuel engine
? ●Natural gas engine
? ●Special liquified petroleum gas engine & upcoming hydrogen fuel engine

●EcoLife has batch supplied to main domestic bus OEMs, including Yutong, Higer, Kinglong, Golden Dragon, Sunwin, Shenlong, Zhongtong, Ankai, Foton, Youngman, Huanghai, Hengtong, Dongfeng Yangtse River, FAW and etc. City Bus and Inter-city Coach

Overseas Market
ZF Ecolife continues to gain importance in the overseas market exported by Chinese bus manufacturers:
 ?●Asia Pacific: Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Australia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Macau…
? ●Middle East: Iraq, Saudi Arabic, Dubai, Qatar, Israel…
? ●South America: Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia…
? ●North America: Costa Rica...
? ●Europe: Spain, Turkey, Romania, Iceland…

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