Wind Walkers Full Movie 2015


Action, Horror, Thriller

United States

Saginaw Grant, Rudy Youngblood, Glen Powell, Zane Holtz

Russell Friedenberg


Production company:

93 min


04:13:52 21/04/2016

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Wind Walkers -  2015


A group of friends and family descend into the Everglades swamplands for their annual hunting trip only to discover that they are the ones being hunted. A malevolent entity is tracking them and they begin to realise one of their party may be possessed by something brought home from a tour of duty in the Middle East – a demon of war so horrible and deadly they are unaware of its devilish presence. Or are they facing something even more unspeakable, a legendary Native American curse about to unleash its dreadful legacy of thirsting for colonial revenge by claiming more souls?


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