The Last Kingdom Full Movie Season 1 2015


Action, Romance, History

United States

Ian Hart, Alexander Dreymon, Matthew Macfadyen

Nick Murphy


Production company:

60 min/EP


03:54:49 09/01/2016

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The Last Kingdom - Season 1 2015


In Northumbria in 866 AD a young Saxon boy called Uhtred is captured by Vikings who kill his father in the Danish invasion of York. He is brought up as a Dane by the tribe leader Ragner, befriending a young girl Brida, whom he defends from the bully Sven. When Sven sexually assaults Brida he has an eye put out and is banished. Years later Sven returns and, helped by Uhtred's treacherous uncle Aelfric, kills Ragner, his family and most of the village, causing Brida and Uhtred to flee for their lives


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