Lang Historie Kort Full Movie 2015


Romance, Comedy, Drama


Nadia Auda, Leonard Georg Antonakakis, Norma Omega Mengers Andersen, Jens Albinus

May El-Toukhy


Production company:

99 min


12:50:49 10/12/2015

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Lang Historie Kort -  2015


Long Story Short is the story of Ellen and her friends, all in their late thirties/early forties, and their more or less self-inflicted complications of love and longing for romantic redemption. The story is a summary of three years of love-related highs and lows for the group of friends told through eight chapters, each of them set at a party: a New Year's Eve, a house warming, a Midsummer's Eve, a wedding, a surprise party, a naming ceremony, an anniversary and a round birthday. It is an ensemble story about a group of people who struggle with the conception of the perfect relationship and are bound to re-evaluate their take on what true love is.


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