Kicking Off Full Movie 2015



United Kingdom

Danielle Bux, Greg Mchugh, Warren Brown, Alistair Petrie

Matt Wilde


Production company:

85 min


07:30:15 02/05/2016

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Kicking Off -  2015


Kicking Off starts with the most important game of the season. Loyal fans Wigsy and Cliff watch in trepidation as their football team score the goal that will save them from relegation. Victory is bliss as a chorus of supporters chant and cry with elation. However, this frenzy of happiness quickly turns ugly as the referee disallows the deciding goal. With their hearts and fists pumping, adrenalin running and fury racing through their bloodstream, the fans take matters into their own hands and Cliff makes the fatal mistake of planning while intoxicated. Wigsy, a confirmed idiot, follows through with the said plan and in the darkest hours of the night he commits a crime that will cause chaos and catastrophe for him and his best mate Cliff. Kicking Off is cleverly filmed with split screen shots and slow motion montages. The characters are lovable thugs who will leave you laughing and grimacing at their lack of common sense.  The beautiful game just got ugly.


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