Crimes Of The Mind Full Movie 2014



United States, Canada

Trevor Bryant Clark, Tina Ivlev, Paula Trickey, Christina Cox

John Murlowski


Production company:

84 min


03:56:56 21/04/2016

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Crimes Of The Mind -  2014


The true story of Carolyn's Raeburn's daughter who graduated from high school at the age of 16. Laura was bright, popular and enthusiastic about the future, but the summer before she was to begin college, an event occurred changing forever the lives of her and her family. Laura visited a boarding ranch in the country to learn horseback riding. And there, she entered a world dominated by a strange and fearsome woman who took control of Laura's mind. She was groomed to replace the woman's dead daughter. Carolyn spent the next five years of her life, much of her sanity and more than half a million dollars to get her daughter back.


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