Animus: The Tell-Tale Heart Full Movie 2015



United States

Axel Harney, Amin Fallahi, Rick Dethlefsen, Dana Blackstone

Aaron Russman


Production company:

95 min


04:40:44 21/04/2016

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Animus: The Tell-Tale Heart -  2015


Edgar (Rick Dethlefsen), a meek, honest man seeks retribution for his daughter's (Kelly Kirstein) murder at the hands of her boyfriend Jonathan (Axel Harney). Tracking him to his reclusive father's hilltop property, Edgar witnesses Jonathan take his own life. Left without means to an end Edgar soon staggers through strange nightmares wherein he's visited by a bizarre individual who leads him unexpectedly toward revenge against Jonathan's father Mr. Nelson (Bruce Spielbauer). In time Edgar finds himself believing that Mr. Nelson- the reserved, ominous man with the unusual deformity- is the one truly responsible for his daughter's death. Morals are suspended and his loved ones' lives are in jeopardy as Edgar becomes a force of terror against anyone standing between him and his desire for vengeance. 


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