America's Next Top Model Full Movie Season 20 2013



United States

Rob Evans, Kelly Cutrone, Tyra Banks

Tony Croll


Production company:

83 min/EP


11:36:17 13/01/2016

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America's Next Top Model - Season 20 2013


A group of quarter-finalists are handpicked out of hundreds of applicants to do an immediate runway show in a ball organized to formally open the show. After this, the quarter-finalists are brought in for some face-to-face interviews with the judges. The four judges (Tyra Banks, Rob Evans, Kelly Cutrone, and Johnny Wujek) then decide on 26 semi-finalists. Results of the cut were revealed by Bryanboy at the location of the house which the finalists will remain through the competition. In a surprise visit, Tyra Banks and Rob Evans come to see the semi-finalists to give them "one-on-one girl advice" and "one-on-one guy advice". The next day, the 26 remaining contestants were expected to do a photo shoot in an open street in LA. This photo shoot was projected onto a building behind the set along with a corresponding voting number that allows people walking by to vote for their favorites. With the final shots chosen, the four judges' decisions along with the public vote decide on the final... 


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