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King Long: 20 Years of Innovation and Striving

At 9:10 on December 18, King Long the 20th anniversary celebration started in happy and peaceful music.

In December 1988, King Long began to explore bus industry in the absence of technology, no space background, initially started 20,000,000 yuan of funds, by 2008 the total assets of 3.0 billion; sales from1,260,000, to 2008's 5.3 billion.

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The Lastest News

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Speech By Leaders
Sun Jianhua, Chairman of King Long gave a welcome speech
Addressed by Yechonggeng,
vice mayor of Xiamen
Addressed by Customer Delegate Zhang Guoguang, GM of Beijing Public Transport Holding Group
Addressed by Gu Xianghua, Vice Secretary of China Auto Industry Association
Addressed by SIMON COWEN, GM of Australia King Long
Addressed by Parts Delegate Li Tiansheng, GM of Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd

King Long(XMQ6129Y)

King Long(XMQ6129Y)

King Long(XMQ6129Y)

King Long(XMQ6129Y)

King Long(XMQ6129Y)
Ceremony Photo
King Long 20 years ceremony
King Long 20 years ceremony
Donation to Wenchuanstudent,, the earthquake area
Award Ceremony
Buses and Coaches for Exhibition
King Long 20 years ceremony
Greeting from 20 foreigner countries and reginos
Guests from the whole country visit bus models
King Long 20 years ceremony
King Long bus body electrophoresis line
King Long light bus production line
King Long reception buses
Beijing Olympic champion Zhang Xiangxiang received King Long bus model
Customers visit King Long new products
King Long 20 years ceremony
King Long reception buses
20 Years welcome lunch
King Long 20 years ceremony
King Long 20 years ceremony
King Long 20 years ceremony
King Long Data Show
King Long Big Events
1988, Xiamen Kinglong United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd built
1989, the first King Long bus out off the line
1990, used the new logo
1994, the first generation of luxury tourist coach
1998, 10 years ceremony
2001-2002, serviced for Government events
2002,Fanghu factory put into production

2003, large quantity of city bus exported to Malta

2004,foundation of King Long new factory
2005,600 high class King Long buses exported to Middle East
2005, foudation of Nanjing King Long
Sep 2006, the 100,000th King Long bus out off the line
2006, Guannan factory put into prodution
2007, started the "Discovery Journey"
2007, King Long Technology Center, authorized by national government
2007, "LongWay" on the exhibition
2008, King Long serviced for Torch Relay
2008, King Long light bus out off the line
2008, R&D center completion
King Long 20 years ceremony
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