• China Buses Are On The Move

  • Since the 80s of last century, China buses and coaches have been exported to the overseas market on a fast pace. Currently, China buses and coaches can be easily seen in the public transport in many parts of world.

    China exported 9,020 units of large buses and coaches in 2008. The speedy growth of China’s bus and coach exports indicate that they have successfully won overseas customers recognition.

    English.Chinabuses.Com organizing this photography contest, please share your photography with us, and tell us how about China buses and coaches in your eyes.

  • How to participate?

  • 1. As our reader, you are encouraged to sent photos, preferably a set of photos about China buses or coaches in your country. Chinabuses.com is looking for photos of current market performance of China buses and coaches. All photos submitted by Chinabuses.com rules during the promotion will be eligible for reward!

    2.Please send the photo and your description to the following email address: zhangyt@chinabuses.com.

    3. Chinabuses.com editors will select the top 15 photo sets and award bus model to the winners.

    4. Photographers whose photo sets are selected to receive award will be notified by email. They have 15 days from the date of the email to fill out the required paperwork and return it to Chinabuses.com by fax, email or regular mail.

    5. Photographers retain ownership of the photos under Chinabuses.com’s standard terms and conditions.

    6. Please note, Chinabuses.com does not guarantee award bus model to all photographers. Only the photographers whose photo sets were selected as award winners by Chinabuses.com editors will receive it. The member names of those selected will be posted on our page.



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  • This promotion will run from July 24, 2009 to August 31, 2009.
  • Rules

  • 1.Maximum Size: 3MB - only accept jpg, gif, bmp file;
    2. We want the real thing. Electronically-manipulated photos are not accepted;
    3. Chinabuses.com reserves the right to modify, delete or terminate these conditions at its discretion. Chinabuses.com standard contest guidelines apply and can be seen on this page.
  • Organizer

  • Award--Bus Model

  • China Buses & Coaches

  • Kinglong XMQ6180G

    Higer KLQ6127Q

    Zhongtong LCK6103H

    Youngman JNP6180G

    AUV BJ6126

    Changan SC6731NC

    Yutong ZK6100H

    Golden Dragon XML6700

    Huanghai DD6129S01

    Yaxing JS6130SHJ

    Zonda YCK6118HEC

    Sunlong SLK6935

    Bonluck JXK6137

    Hengtong CZK6953HN3

    Dongfeng EQ6850LT3

    Mudan MD6601



    Silver Bus 9800

    Ankai HFF6110GS-1

    JAC HK6603B

    Shaolin SLG6608C3E

    Shangrao SR6115TH

    Wuzhoulong FDG6128

    Xingkailong HFX6122GK06

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