2009 Respective Employer
Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd Won Award

In the past of 2008, who will become the respective employer of China buses industry?

Great Influence to China Buses Industry ·2009 Respective Employer of China BusesIndustry unveiled on Dec21.

Great Influence to China Buses Industry

Announcement of Chinabuses Reader Survey

December 21, 2008, China Road Transport Association and Chinabuses.com jointly sponsored "Chinese road transportation safety, energy conservation, brand forum" activity, meanwhile, the ceremony of Great Influence to China Buses Industry · Announcement of Chinabuses Reader Survey unveiled. The well-known domestic bus manufactures and related equipment enterprises Yutong Bus, Higer Bus, Huanghai, ZF and Allison etc. paid more highly attention and supporting for it…….

Great Influence to China Buses Industry · 2008 Top 10 News of China Buses Industry
Emission Standard from National Ⅱ To National Ⅲ: Opportunity and Challenge
Higer BUS Company Holds “2008 Security Driving Training” for Buses Operators
China Buses Industry Serves for Beijing Olympic Games
2008 Value Announcement By Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company
Integral Designed Body of Ankai Awarded with Patent Protection
Transport Ministry of PRC Issues <Regulations on Bidding for Operation Authority of Road Passenger Transport Line>
Wenchuan Earthquake and China Buses Enterprises’ Social Responsibility
Original Spirit & China’s Attitude: Busworld Asia 2008
Transport Ministry of PRC Issues <The Eleventh Five-Year Plan of Energy-saving Target>
The State Council Issues Auto Energy-saving Plan

Great Influence to China Buses Industry · 2009 Buses and Coaches Recommendation

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company  ZK6146HS
Xiamen Kinglong United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd  XMQ6129Y
Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. Ltd  XML6103
HIGER BUS Company Limited  A90
Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., ltd  LCK6128EV
Shanghai Sunlong Bus Co., Ltd  SLK6122
Jinhua Youngman Automobile-manufacturing Co.,Ltd  JNP6137S
Anhui Ankai Automobile Limited Company  HFF6140WK86-1
Chongqing Hengtong Bus Co.,LTD   CKZ6127HN3
Dandong Huanghai Auto Company  DD6129K02
Jiangxi Xinxin Industrial Co., Ltd, Shangrao Coach Company   SR6118TH
Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co.,Ltd  YBL6123H
Beiqi Foton Motor Co.,Ltd. Beijing Bus Branch Company  VBJ6800
Yutong ZK6146HS
Kinglong XMQ6129Y
Golden Dragon XML6103
Higer A90
Zhongtong LCK6128EV
Shenlong SLK6122
Youngman JNP6137S
Ankai HFF6140WK86-1
Hengtong CKZ6127HN3
Huanghai DD6129K02
Shangrao SR6118TH
Yaxing YBL6123H
Foton Auv BJ6800

Great Influence to China Buses Industry · 2009 Buses and Coaches Recommendation for Overseas Market
Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd  LCK6103G
HIGER BUS Company Limited  V92
Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd  XMQ6129Y
Jinhua Youngman Automobile-Manufacturing Co., Ltd  JNP6180G
Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. Ltd  XML6897
Anhui Ankai Automobile Limited Company  HFF6180G02D
Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd  ZK6129
Dandong Huanghai Auto Company DD6181S BRT 
Jiangxi KAMA Business Bus Co., Limited  JXK6120


Zhongtong LCK6103G
Higer V92
Kinglong XMQ6129Y
Youngman JNP6180G
Golden Dragon XML6897
Ankai HFF6180G02D
Yutong ZK6129
Huanghai DD6181S BRT


Bonluck JXK6120

Great Influence to China Buses Industry · Recommendation on Energy-saving & Safety Parts and Components
ZF Drivetech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd    ZF-AS-Tronic Transmission
Allison Transmission Company     T Series Transmission
Vaueo Retarder Co., Ltd    FV Series Retarder
Telma Vehicle Braking System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd    F7 Series Retarder
Bitzer Refrigeration Technology (China) Co., Ltd    F400 Compressor
Guangzhou Jingyi Automobile Air Conditioner Co., Ltd   D2 Series Air Conditioner
ACTIA (Shanghai) Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd      CAN System
Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd  SC8DT    CNG Engine
Shell Tongyi Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd      CH-4 Lube

T Series Transmission
FV Series Retarder
F7 Series Retarder

F400 Compressor
D2 Series Air Conditioner
CAN System
CNG Engine

Tongyi CH-4 Lube

2008 Excellent Essays Award of “Safety, Energy Saving and Famous Brand”
Research on Energy-saving of High-capacity Bus
Clean Diesel Oil and Energy-saving Reduction
Exploring the AMT Technology for Bus Safety, Energy-saving Drive
Fuel Efficiency, Fuel Consumption And the Efforts of Allison Transmission in Fuel Efficiency
Weight and Windage: Two Main Factors on Fuel Consumption
Energy-saving and Development - The Main Measures of Transportation Enterprises
The Impacts and Measures of Fuel Tax Reform on Road Passenger Transportation Industry
Energy Saving is the Key to Success of Transport Company
Safety, the Most Important for Buses Brand Value
The Discussion of Intelligent Speed Controller Implement in Urban-rural Transportation
The Actuality and Management of Guangxi Road Transportation
Establish the Safety Consciousness and Standardize Management
Safety Driving Discussion on Transportation Management
Technology Promotion of Black Box and GPS in Long-distance Transportation
Integral Designed Body Improves Safety
Adopting CAN Technology to Enhance City Bus Safety
CAN Intelligent Instruments And Communications of Electronic Controlled Engine
Safety Driving Discussion on Transportation Management
Buses Manufacturers Establish A Comprehensive Security Concept
Brand Manager’s Trouble
The Degree of Brand Managing in Buses Enterprises
Fuel-saving, A Long-term Intention to Operate
China Buses Market and Brand Promotion in New Environment
China Buses Brand and Market
Six Factors to Affect Large and Medium-sized Buses Market in 2009
The Discussion of Enterprise’s Training and Implement
The Cooperation of Transport Companys and Buses Manufacturers in Crisis
Develop Innovative Region Market Strategies by Buses Enterprises
Supply Chain Management of Buses manufacturers
Purchasing Management Based On Low Costs and High Efficiency

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A power affecting a person, thing, or course of events, especially one that operates without any direct or apparent effort is called influence. Influence has a magic power and it is influencing today and future. Great Influence To China Buses Industry is an activity that was sponsored by Chinabuses.com and English.chinabuses.com. Through on-line voting and forum, we deeply hope that it could bring a good platform for China buses industry to exchange ideas and do discussion. It is not only a voting, but also a significant project. Great Influence To China Buses Industry will give us more successful, more positive, more cooperative and more…






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