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The first batch of China Buses and Coaches Industry Visiting Tour sailed on October 12, 2006.

China bus&coach industry becomes the spotlight and focus on Chinabuses.com
Chinabuses.com takes the high responsibility to organize the China Buses and Coaches Industry Visiting Tour.


Registering Now:The New Batch of Visiting China Buses & Coaches Industry will be Launched in 2008.


To overseas readers:

First of all, thank you very much for your supporting and cooperating with Chinabuses.com for many years. Now, we scheme the year's plan of touring China buses & coaches industry in 2007. You have more time to arrange your personal schedule in this year. You may choose the each batch to join us as following. More choices, more opportunities, more communications, more cooperations, please focusing on Chinabuses.com.


Visitors From All Over the World
Egypt visitors in headquarters of www.chinabuses.org
Gerrit and Anne, Busworld officers
Fahad, Trader from Saudi Arabia
Doug and Stuart, Journalist of UK
Vincent, parts manufacturer from Spain
Chinabuses.com had successfully finished the first batch of China Buses and Coaches Industry Visiting Tour, and the new round is beginning.

Through the first visiting, we can see more cooperation, more communication between Chinese bus factories and overseas' clients. It is also the strong power to us that push this friendly visiting forward.

We deeply hope that Chinabuses.com could bring the real opportunities for domestic bus factories and overseas clients because of our core philosophy--Professionalism leads to excellence.

If you have any idea of purchasing China buses and coaches, you will be certainly to join us to learn more about China buses and coaches industry.

Welcome members from all over the world will join together to visit China buses and coaches manufacturers .We will also have the face to face conversations with China buses and coaches manufacturers to learn more about them.

Our team will not be more than 30 members, please apply immediately.

For more information, please leave your available contact info through the feeback below, we will answer you quickly.

We Will Help You With Our Best
consultation:China Buses and Coaches Visiting Tour
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