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Foton AUV Bus Optimizing Shaanxi Tourism Experience

2024-04-16    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:The delivery ceremony for the first batch of VIP land first-class cabins between Shaanxi Tourism Transport Company...
The delivery ceremony for the first batch of VIP land first-class cabins between Shaanxi Tourism Transport Company and Foton AUV was held in Beijing recently. Foton AUV BJ6122 intercity buses were successfully delivered to Shaanxi Tourism Transport. These high-quality buses will be used for operation in the Shaanxi tourism market in the future, aiming to optimize the travel experience of tourists, enhance the quality of tourism passenger transport services in Shaanxi Province and the western region, stimulate new cultural tourism drivers, and lay a solid foundation for "travel".

Foton AUV insists on driving product development through technological innovation, covering a wide range of vehicles including city buses, intercity buses, school buses, and special vehicles, with a variety of power options including traditional fuel, hybrid, pure electric, and fuel cell, providing a diverse selection of vehicle products. At the same time, Foton AUV has won customer reputation with its ingenious quality. With its industry-leading reliable quality, it has provided transportation services for national-level conferences and activities such as the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference for 20 consecutive years, successfully completing various escort security tasks. This cooperation achieves complementary advantages of the resources of both parties, further expands Foton AUV's market share, and contributes to promoting the high-quality development of the passenger transport service industry in Shaanxi.

Luxury and Comfort, Both Internally and Externally, Creating a New Business Card for High-end VIP Travel

The Foton AUV BJ6122 boutique buses, which Shaanxi Tourism Transport ordered in bulk this time, are designed for the high-end tourism and medium- and long-distance passenger transport markets. They not only have a stylish appearance, luxurious interior, and safety reliability, but also bring smarter and richer configuration options, opening up a new experience of quality travel.

Adopting modern aesthetic design concepts, the BJ6122 features a sleek front design with an integrated front height and air conditioning, embedded LED headlights in the front, and streamlined side ribbons, creating a sharp and dynamic body posture and becoming an eye-catching landscape on the road.

The BJ6122 is equipped with a National VI engine, which has strong climbing ability and short acceleration time, providing a comfortable and stable ride experience. At the same time, the lightweight design of the vehicle achieves ultra-low fuel consumption, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

With the bulk delivery of Foton AUV's first batch of VIP land first-class cabins, BJ6122 intercity buses these high-quality buses will travel throughout Shaanxi, providing tourists with a more high-quality and convenient travel service with their excellent comfort, safety, and intelligent features. This helps to improve the overall service level of Shaanxi's tourism industry and injects new vitality into Shaanxi's efforts to accelerate the development of a trillion-level cultural tourism industry cluster.


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